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A few of the most recent video sermons. The full list can be found on our youtube channel. Click the link at the bottom of the page to be redirected to youtube.

  • give thanks to the lord

    Finishing up our series on Thankfulness with a discussion of Psalm 118,  a hymn that Jesus likely sang during celebration of Passover

  • Thankfulness

    Second in our series on Thankfulness as we highlight the Thanksgiving holiday. 

  • revival in nineveh, despair of jonah

    Chapter 4 and video 4 on the series of Jonah. All of Nineveh repents of their evil in hopes that God will forgive them. When find out why Jonah ran from God's will, and it's because Jonah knew who God was. That he was merciful and forgiving. God works on Jonah to show his heart and reaction to the city repenting and turning to God.

  • The jonah in us

    Chapter 3, Video #3 on the series of Jonah. Jonah preaches to the city of Nineveh and they repent of their deeds in hopes that God will spare them. This sermon deals with how God works all things according to his plan, and the goodness of God.

  • In The belly of the fish

    Chapter 2 in the book of Jonah. Video #2 on the series of Jonah. This video deals with the heart of Jonah, free will, and God's plan.

  • God loves the unlovely

    This is a video series that looks at the book of Jonah. This video starts with chapter one, and looks at Jonah fleeing from God's will. It gives the background of Nineveh's reputation, and why Jonah probably didn't want to go. As well as the men on the boat that didn't want to cast Jonah overboard. God truly wants to seek and save those that aren't so lovely. 

  • Distractions

    Luke 9:58-62 shows us disciples who want to follow Jesus, but something is in the way. Distractions. Jesus responds in a hard but truthful way. This sermon explores how we can get distracted and it's impact on us and the church.

  • So Close yet so far away

    When Jesus was in Samaria with his disciples they report how they had forbid a man who wasn't a disciple to case out demons in Jesus' name. Then they told Jesus to send fire down from heaven when Jesus wasn't accepted. This is a sermon about the heart condition of followers of Christ. Are we so close yet so far away?

  • DAy of Pentecost

    A look at the Day of Pentecost and how it still applies to us today. 

  • woman at the well

    Continuing with the series on the Gospel and Evangelism. This sermon is about when Jesus meets the woman at the well. He had sent the disciples to go get things from the village. The dialogue Jesus has with this woman results in many people coming to know Christ, but why didn't the disciples witness to anyone?

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